Through the phases of project development we use Educational projects approach  enabling the customer to take full advantage of our experience and knowledge , we start the development and deployment process by creating a technical team that contains IT specialist from NEWTESolutions  and customers IT department to work together during the life time of the project .

By using this method, we will be transferring technical knowledge and practical experience  to customer team directly while performing the tasks of project deployment , customer team will be fully aware  and have all the experience that is needed to develop and maintain the end solution after project deployment  .

Our Approach

- Build Technical team that contains specialist from NEWTESolutions and customer IT Department working together to develop setup and implement the solution.

- Provide mentoring services for Customer team to ensure the proper implementation through re-implementing the same functionalities.

-  QA (Testing, verification and system acceptance) .

- Provide Customer users with the any additional education and hands on training.

-  End User Training.